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The Helios Centre is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of:

Tim Niedermann (Chairman and Treasurer). Trained as a lawyer in the US, Mr Niedermann practiced business law in the state of Connecticut and was involved for ten years in entrepreneurial projects in the area of sustainable development, both in the US and Canada. He was a consultant for small business enterprises in Canada and other undertakings, in particular for the Québec Labrador Foundation on the development of a Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Heritage Corridor for the promotion of cross-border tourism. He now writes on public policy issues for The Montreal Review and, as a long-time editor of both fiction and nonfiction, is a reviewer for the Montreal Review of Books and the Ottawa Review of Books. His novel, Wall of Dust, was published by Deux Voiliers Publishing in 2015.

Philip Raphals (Vice Chairman). Mr. Raphals is Executive Director of the Helios Centre. For a brief biography, please go to the Team section of this site.

Michel A. Bouchard (Director). Mr. Bouchard is the former Director of the Francophone Secretariat of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). He is Full Professor at Université de Montréal and École Polytechnique, Senior Research Associate with the McGill-UNEP Collaborative Center in Environmental Assessment, and Associate professor Senghor University of Alexandria, Egypt. His career interests range from fundamental research to environmental assessment and resource management.

Peter A. Jaimes (Director). Mr. Jaimes is a management consultant; president of Inprofina S.A. (project development, economic, technological and commercial exchanges between Canada and Latin America). In the past, he was president of Gavilan Aircraft Corporation of Canada (2003–06), vice-president of Agra-Monenco and AGRA International (energy and systems marketing, Latin America and Asia) (1995–99), and a principal of Jaimes Cohen and Assoc. (IT consulting) (1980–95).

Olivier Charest (Director), lawyer and economist by training, works in Montreal primarily in the field of energy and related issues. He began his career in a pan-Canadian law firm as a specialist in energy and environmental law, subsequently working as an independent consultant in the regulation of electricity and natural gas. He is currently employed by a company in the metals sector, developing new energy supplies. Olivier is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and has some knowledge of Italian, in addition to French.

The board members of the Helios Centre serve without remuneration.





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