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Enabling efficiency and demand-side management
to play their rightful role in balancing supply and demand

In order to balance supply and demand, a perfectly competitive market (i.e. one characterized, among other things, by full information and the absence of externalities) will call on solutions from both sides of the equation: producers may increase output or consumers decrease consumption, depending on the relative total costs of each. Yet in both regulated and competitive energy markets, demand responsiveness and efficiency investments lag far behind efforts to increase supply. This in spite - not because of - the relative economics of demand- and supply-side solutions.

Indeed, a wide variety of market barriers hinder consumer spending in efficiency improvements. Furthermore, regulatory regimes often provide conflicting signals to utilities, encouraging them to invest in supply-side solutions even when such options are more expensive than equivalent conservation and efficiency alternatives.

The Helios Centre works on returning markets to their optimal levels in terms of both spending and organizational emphasis on energy efficiency.

Since its inception, the Helios Centre has aided countless decision-makers and stakeholders in each of these areas of expertise. In fact, our work in this field has included such tasks as providing expert written and oral testimony, conducting economic modelling, publishing studies and reference manuals, providing on-site training and presenting at leading industry conferences, in addition to a variety of advisory roles.

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