expertise \ energy supply choices

Distinguishing between energy options;
analyzing markets and designing economically-efficient
incentives for environmentally-preferable power options

Choosing among competing energy supply choices requires difficult tradeoffs between price, quality and environmental impacts. Furthermore, specific regions may have access to different supply-side options, in large part due to variations in the availability of natural resources (gas deposits, rivers, wind speeds, solar radiation, pulp mills, etc.) or of delivery infrastructure (power lines, pipelines). Indeed, regional resource and infrastructure characteristics are essential - though insufficient - inputs into any sophisticated decision-making process.

At the Helios Centre, we work on the full breadth of difficult issues facing decision-makers in choosing among various supply-side options. For example:

These are only a part of the Helios Centre's work in the field of energy supply choices. Indeed, the Centre has studied and published on the resource potentials, cost curves, technological evolution and market penetration of wind, solar and other green power technologies. We have further aided a number of private power producers in assessing the competitive position of green power in deregulated energy markets, notably by combining our active tracking of market conditions and prices with our ongoing review of pertinent policy and regulatory mechanisms adopted to provide premium value to green power products. We further examine such issues as fuel substitution and a host of other topics directly related to supply-side resource options.

The Centre's work in this field has resulted in a number of published papers, in expert written and oral testimony, in conference presentations and in articles printed in leading energy journals.

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