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The Helios Centre's staff have written numerous papers and articles published in a variety of industry magazines, conference proceedings and books. They are also regularly invited to give presentations at leading industry conferences, such as those of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA), the Canadian Gas Association (CGA), the Canadian Energy Institute (CEI), the Canadian Association of Members of Public Utilities Tribunals (the "Canadian NARUC") and a host of others. Samples can be downloaded below. (To order paper versions, please download our order form or contact us directly.)

Papers and Articles

TITLE: "California's Power Crisis: The Demand Side of the Equation", in Inside Energy (Reed Utility Information Services, U.K.).

SUMMARY: The crisis that struck California's newly deregulated electricity marketplace in 2000 and 2001 stemmed from a number of policy errors. Key among these - and most often overlooked - is demand responsiveness, essential to clearing supply and demand yet significantly impeded in the new market arena.

 | 2001 | 5 pp | 31KB |  download

TITLE: La crise de la Californie : quelques leçons à retenir, in CHOC (Association de l'industrie électrique du Québec)

SUMMARY: This article is similar to the one published in Inside Energy (see above).

 | 2001 | 3 pp | 90KB |  download

TITLE: "1920-1995 and Beyond: Trending Downwards", in Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production (James & James Science Publishing).

SUMMARY: This article summarizes quantitative analysis of the evolution in power plant size and resource characteristics for five-year intervals during the period 1920-1995. It discusses the fundamental reasons behind the very abrupt change of course that took place in the late 1970s, and offers brief commentary on where the future may lie.

 | 2000 | 5 pp | 480KB |  download

TITLE: "Keeping the Promise: Making Renewable Portfolio Standards Work", in Windpower '99 Conference Proceedings (American Wind Energy Association - AWEA).

SUMMARY: This paper begins with a review of the potential for wind energy development of U.S. adoption of a national renewable portfolio standard. It proceeds to examine some of the limitations inherent in the RPS, and concludes with specific recommendations regarding both RPS design issues and parallel policy imperatives for wind to successfully penetrate electricity markets in the United States.

 | 1999 | 16 pp | 101KB |  download

TITLE: "Residential DSM Programme Development and Implementation: Lessons from PRIME", in 1998 Summer Study Proceedings (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy - ACEEE).

SUMMARY: This paper describes a large-scale, community-based programme designed to increase residential sector spending on energy efficiency improvements. It provides the results of detailed cost-benefit and employment impact studies conducted for the programme, which helped secure funding for an initial three-year pilot. Finally, it describes how the programme stumbled, concluding with the need to minimize programmatic complexity.

 | 1998 | 21 pp | 95KB |  download

TITLE: Pour une fiabilité énergétique accrue : Quelques leçons à tirer de la récente tempête de verglas, in L’énergie: quels sont nos choix? (Éditions Écosociété)

SUMMARY: Originally printed as a series of three opeds in a Québec-based newspaper, this text covers some of the lessons the province should learn from the 1998 ice storm that left half a million people without heat and power for more than a month. It deals successively with the need to reinforce transmission and distribution lines, to locate future power plants closer to consumer loads and to improve the thermal heat retention capabilities of residential buildings.

 | 1998 | 12 pp | 41KB |  download

TITLE: "Challenges for Competition in Large-Hydro Dominated Markets : The Case of Québec", in Deregulation of Electric Utilities (Kluwer Academic Publishers).

SUMMARY: Originally presented to the International Workshop on Deregulation of Electric Utilities, this paper begins by describing significant obstacles to workable competition in Québec power markets, including HQ's near-total market dominance, its vertical integration, its effective control of natural gas distribution, its limited inteconnection capacity with neighbouring grids, its multi-annual reservoir storage capacity and the tremendous size of many of its power stations. The paper then describes some of the fundamental structural changes that would need to be implemented for competition to arise. In addition, the paper suggests adopting an innovative, long-term contract for the bulk of the generators capacities, if policymakers are intent on replacing rate reguation with real competition.

 | 1997 | 22 pp | 150KB |  download

TITLE: "Toward a Demand-Side Future : DSM Proposals from Québec's 1996 Energy Policy Collaborative", in 1996 Summer Study Proceedings (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy - ACEEE).

SUMMARY: This paper describes the findings and recommendations of an energy policy collaborative regarding the future of energy efficiency funding and delivery in the province of Québec.

 | 1996 | 21 pp | 89KB |  download


TITLE: Kyoto: Implications for Utility Regulation

SUMMARY: Presentation by Philippe Dunsky to the 2003 Educational Conference of the Canadian Association of Members of Public Utilities Tribunals (CAMPUT)

 | 2003 | 10 pp | 198KB |  download